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A puzzle platformer for Design Buddies' 2020 Game Jam.
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  • Role: Sole Dev
  • Team Size: 1
  • Development Time: 7 days
  • Platform: PC (Itch.io)
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4.10
Warna first puzzle
Warna second puzzle

Warna is a short puzzle/platformer, made for the Design Buddies' first game jam. Players must manipulate their character's color to bypass obstacles, solve puzzles, and ultimately reunite the three lost buddies.

Game Designer

As the solo dev for Warna, I was responsible for, well, everything. I wanted to use the opportunity to gain some first hand experience with the many facets of game development, while working towards the tangible goal of releasing a playable game within 7 days.

Warna Background


What Went Well

  • Player progression: Each puzzle introduced a new way to use the color changing mechanic, leading up to the finale which required usage of all three skills gained earlier.
  • Iteration: I was able to allocate enough time for testing and refinement to ensure puzzles provided the intended experience.
  • Puzzle Design Each of the puzzles successfully taught players a different way to use the color-shifting power necessary to complete the final challenge.

What Went Wrong

  • Task allocation: The major downside to attempting this as a one-man project was that I had to do everything. I certainly gained a large amount of respect for 3D artists, and the time it takes to create game-ready assets as a result of my efforts.
  • Echo Chamber: Not having additional team members to provide their insights or a new direction of thinking ultimately hurt the end quality.

What to Improve

  • Task allocation: Being more open to using premade assets, or taking the extra time to find teammates with different specalized skills will save a lot of time and effort.
  • Echo Chamber: Even when working on a project alone, gathering feedback from playtesters, friends, and colleagues is incredibly helpful for generating new ideas and opening up new possibilities.
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